Thursday, 26 May 2011

Top 15 jailbroken apps and tweaks

I've jailbroken my iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Now what?

Continuing from my previous post. In no particular order, I give you my top 15 jailbreak apps and tweaks!

1. Lockinfo 
Lockinfo gives you access to your info quickly. It displays your selected information in your lockscreen. You can access information such as e-mails, upcoming calender events, unread SMSs, missed calls, twitter/ facebook updates and much much more.

2. iBlueNova
iBlueNova is a very useful application. It enables you to use the bluetooth function on an iDevice to transfer files to other devices such as phones and computers. You can transfer pictures, music and anything else you have saved!

3. SleepFX
SleepFX is worth downloading, it adds fun animations to your iDevice when you put it into sleep mode. It comes packed with eight animations. It can make your screen zoom, flip, fade and transition into darkness when you hit the sleep button.

4. Multiflow
Multiflow adds multitasking to your iDevice in a way it should be done. With a double tap of your home button you can quickly access all your backgrounded applications and switch between them.

5. InfiniDock
InfiniDock does what it suggests. You can put unlimited amounts of applications in the dock on your homescreen and scroll through them all with a flick of your wrist. Also through settings you can set it to display 4,5,6 or more icons in your dock at any one time.

6. WinterBoard
If you've already jailbroken, you know what this is. WinterBoard is an App that applies and manages themes on your iDevice. Themes can be downloaded from Cydia.

7. Gravityboard
This one is just for fun. With a shake of your device all your homescreen apps suddenly float and appear to be subject to the earths gravitational pull! Try setting the gravity to moon in settings.

8. Camera Wallpaper
This App makes your iDevice wallpaper to become a live feed from your iDevice camera. More of a novelty application, but impressive nonetheless!

9. Barrel
Barrel is a tweak which allows you to change the animation used when scrolling through the pages of Apps on your homescreen! You can make the pages scroll vertically, spin, have a 3D cube effect and much more.

10. FullScreen for Safari
Does what it says on the tin with a three fingered tap or a double two fingered tap on your browser screen, you will now be browsing in full screen! (similar effect to pressing F11 on your computers browser right now)

11. iFile
View and browse the root folder on your iDevice, copy, paste and delete files! (Experienced users only, don't use this if you don't know what you're doing)

12. Poof
Ever wanted to remove the "stocks" icon? With poof you can hide any application on your homescreen!

13. SBSettings
A must have, tap or swipe your status bar (where the date and time is located) to access a pull down menu where you can quickly alter brightness, turn wifi, data and SSH on and off.

14. MultiIconMover
Move entire pages of icons on your homescreen on one go! No more dragging every app one at a time.

15. SNES A.D.X. Plus and GAMEBOY A.D.X. Plus
A must have for the oldskool gamers out there. Play SNES and Gameboy roms on your iPhone. Your life is now complete, thank me later.

To find these applications, open Cydia and type their name exactly as posted here :)

If you enjoyed this list or found it helpful, please leave a comment! Or if you have any recommended Cydia apps and tweaks then mention them below. 



  1. I would have put SBSettings at first place, it's so useful.
    Anyway, great post I discovered some great applications !

  2. I'll check these out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. thx for sharing. nice post

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  5. Gonna save this post for hopefully when I get an Iphone 5 this summer!

  6. How does the multitouch of the snes and GB work? does the iphone have a multi touch??? lol I dont keep up with apple

  7. @brofessor

    With the emulators, there is always a set of on screen buttons to play with

    You can also play with a nintendo wii remote via bluetooth which is pretty cool

  8. The emulators are the whole reason I jail broke my iPod to begin with =D

  9. nice list, gonna give it to my iphone bros ;)

  10. I'll keep this is mind for when I actually get a decent phone! Thanks for sharing. :)

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  14. Woah that's a nice list you got there, =P

  15. iPhone still sucks gnads. Get a Droid.

  16. will be downloading a few of these today, thanks!

  17. a jailbroken iphone is one of technology's true marvels

  18. Like this post! You have written programs that i use every day! Nice!

  19. I'll check these out, thanks.

  20. @Grant. Wow that's so cool, a wiimote? aha. Sometimes i wish I had an iPhone because of the fact I can use emu's

  21. I'm pretty sure uTorrent & VLC belong on there. Well at least for Android they do...

  22. Sweet tips, I'll look in to them.

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  27. Thanks for the list! I have about half of these. Gonna check the others out.